With the tough competition in the technical market, businesses face unseen pressure to be more productive and efficient. Also, due to heavy tax burdens and other factors, they are forced to opt for effective and seamless PBX and CRM, as there is a need for a seamless customer and agent experience. So, to decrease the friction between customer and agent, it is crucial to embrace solutions that will integrate well with both customers and businesses. 

PBX and CRM are the two most powerful tools that keep track of customer interactions with firms. A smooth interaction between two platforms (PBX and CRM/ERP) can help businesses make powerful enhancements. Also, automatic data synchronization between the two platforms offers numerous benefits for companies.

Most importantly, PBX-CRM integration improves customer experience, hence improving customer engagement. The click-to-call and CRM/ERP integration deliver the smoothest experience that helps customers improve their conversion rate. 

With that, PBX-CRM integration allows the automatic recording of call logs, including phone numbers, call times, call length, and more. Also, it helps businesses collect important information by offering them customer data analytics. 

How to integrate click-to-call with CRM/ERP?

A CRM or ERP integration connects two system software and ensures that the information is consistent and up-to-date. This data integration helps businesses improve productivity, sales, and customer experience. 

Also, a fact to note is that enterprise resource planning (ERP) covers data across your organization and the businesses such as accounting, human resources, supply chain management, eCommerce, and more benefit from it. While customer relationship management (CRM) platforms help sales and marketing teams to manage information on prospects, customers, and former leads. But a large business needs both ERP and CRM.

But how do we integrate click-to-call with CRM? CRM systems integrate technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, and customer service. 

CRM or ERP system integration is done by using custom plugins. You get notifications with the screen pop-up whenever a call comes into your extension, which takes place with the help of the 3CX CRM integration module. 

The information will appear on the pop-up screen if the caller's ID matches your contacts’ phones. The businesses can see the last sale transactions, credit limit, and previous orders, eliminating the need for manual searching in the database.

Also, with a single click, users can launch calls to contacts, eliminating the need to retype the phone number. These calls are logged as call records in the CRM package and allow businesses to keep track of calls made to customers, how many were responded to, and what action was taken. 

Reasons to integrate your PBX with your CRM system

Do you know that integrating click-to-call with CRM can make your business more efficient? We will discuss a few excellent reasons why businesses must integrate their click-to-call with ERP or CRM. 

  • Higher Productivity: It is a tedious task to track interactions with customers over the phone. Without click-to-call integration, data needs to be entered manually into the CRM, which is quite a waste of time and effort. According to HubSpot research, salespeople spend 17% of their time on data entry and only one-third of their time selling the product. By integrating click-to-call with CRM, salespeople can access the information, making them more productive and efficient. Integration makes it easy for salespeople to access real-time customer information and helps them close deals.
  • Efficient Internal Communication: We are in an era of big data, where the flow of information is greater than ever. According to a survey, the average company manages 163 terabytes of data. There is a lot of information available that needs to be managed and is inaccessible to the people who need it. The term "data silo" is used when the data is restricted to only one department. These data silos are causing issues among businesses to operate effectively. In such cases, PBX-CRM integration is crucial to break these data silos within your organization. These integrations help your employees gain access to the information they need to get the deals and excel on the job.
  • Improved BI and analytics: Without the knowledge of customers, businesses might struggle more than required to keep up with the competition. But the best part is that you can always get better business intelligence and analytics by breaking down the data silos using PBX and CRM integration. For example, a sales manager can see how their employees handle customer relationships. If the analytics shows that certain phone calls are taking more time than required, business managers can take action and make the necessary changes. This includes sending customers relevant resources or assigning a second agent to help them solve their issues. Moreover, they can track sales, customer metrics, and KPIs over time to judge the efficiency of your business practices. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: The main goal of click-to-call and CRM software is to help businesses improve their relationships with customers. Integrating PBX and CRM systems ensures that customers are treated with respect and care. It helps both businesses and customers be happy by giving real-time calling data access to the customer. This data is used to customize sales pitches for the customer. Also, business sales managers get access to a person's personal information. 
  • Ticket Management: It is hard to keep track of customers’ calls, especially when customers are calling every day. Integration helps you access contact cards and call history. Sales managers can take the required notes on who spoke to the customer last and what the call was about.

What are the benefits of integrating click-to-call with CRM or ERP?

CRM or ERP systems are the core of every company. These systems help businesses reduce time and provide easy access to a data network. As per research in 2021, 91% of companies with more than 11 staff members will be using CRM services. And with the increase in services available in the market, it is becoming crucial for every business to integrate click-to-call with CRM/ERP. 

Here are a few benefits of integrating click-to-call with CRM/ERP.

  • Caller Tracking Service: Business sales representatives receive multiple calls a day, which adds difficulties in adding new numbers and tracking old ones. However, this issue is resolved by using integrating PBX with CRM. You get the full details about the caller as soon as the phone starts ringing, including the phone history of the number. It helps business sales managers design a simple conversation strategy before answering the call. 
  • Reducing Handling Time: Businesses are considered successful when an employee’s performance exceeds the cost of employee services. This implies that if you receive multiple calls, you will have various portals that businesses need to consult to resolve issues. But after integration, sales representatives will access all kinds of data on a simple portal, it is time-saving, and the sales representative can focus on other urgent things. 
  • Complete Customization: Without integration, sales managers go through multiple portals just for simple integration. During the process, businesses might not be able to customize your data list. They go through data to run an issue-based search. But after integration, you can collect all the data without calling people individually. According to one study, more than 52% of buyers use personalization services to help their customers. Integration of click-to-call with ERP/CRM helps businesses access data and answer phone calls from anywhere.
  • Easy Pop-ups: According to research, 89% of customer service's most frustrating point is customer follow-up. Customers are requested to repeat their information along with the issue and complaint number. Integrating gives businesses full control of the conversation, allows you to access all the basic information, and informs them about the progress of their complaint.
  • Efficient Call Schedule System: Integration offers an efficient call schedule system, allowing businesses to track and schedule calls through other portals. Sometimes, it is hard to schedule calls manually for the whole month and to start the call instantly. With the help of the integration feature, you can make calls with just one click. This helps businesses in seamless communication. 
  • Automatic Message Services: Whenever businesses receive a new update about customers, you must send them an update. However, with hundreds of customers in the same category, it is hard to respond to all the messages. The integration helps you record and send them, which in turn saves you a lot of time, as you do not have to call everyone individually. Moreover, the integration of click-to-call with CRM helps you cut the cost of operation and relocate resources to another department.
  • One Step Easy report: In any business, there are designated resources that work as assistants and are responsible for creating a report on the number of calls they receive or make each day. The reports must be categorized calls according to departments and see the number of new calls and follow-up calls. Integration helps you get the report along with the caller's data, new calls, and their issues. 
  • Caller Interaction and Monitoring Service: With the help of click-to-call CRM integration, businesses can follow the details regarding the services. With the help of call recording features, it is easy for the business to monitor and interact.

The most important features of ERP systems

ERP systems offer a wide variety of functions within a single solution. In other words, businesses do not have to encapsulate them with other third-party applications to get crucial features. These systems are robust and beneficial to many organizations. 

Here are a few key features of ERP systems that tell you why the integration of click-to-call with ERP systems is vital.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Management Tools
  • Sales Tools and eCommerce
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management


The advancement in technology has made it possible for businesses to do more with fewer resources. Nowadays, every organization is looking for more ways to improve its efficiency by reducing costs and enhancing productivity. Integrating CRM/ERP with click-to-call has become one of the most popular methods among businesses to improve customer satisfaction. This not only helps businesses get to enhance their customer relations but also helps in improving sales by reducing overhead expenses and increasing productivity and efficiency.

The best part to integrate CRM/ERP with click-to-call is that these systems can operate quickly and easily. So, you can start using it from the same day of integration. 

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