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Frequently Asked Question

We provide various cloud PBX services to reduce upfront and maintenance costs. Our services include:

  • Enterprise Phone System

  • Small Business Phone System

  • VoIP Phone System

  • Cloud Telephone Integration

jiPBX services allow the customer to manage, track, and record calls easily. The following the benefits of using our VoIP services are:

  • Reduced cost

  • Easy setup

  • Secure and scalable

  • Remote ready

  • No infrastructure required

  • Exhaustive analytics

Effective communication is the most crucial aspect of business growth, and therefore, jiPBX offers a single platform that connects everyone in your organization. jiPBX is a VoIP application and develops software which works well to streamline communication. It offers the best ways to make calls, and the VoIP system ranges from small-scale businesses to large-scale businesses.

An enterprise phone system is a collection of those technologies which allow employees to communicate via voice channels with co-workers, customers, and more. An enterprise phone system can include traditional phone systems or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that handles calls over the Internet.

jiPBX is one of the most reliable cloud communication that simplifies customer communication. Partnering with our Cloud Telephony Integration services will give you:

  • Consolidated Data

  • Enhanced Tracking Experience

  • Customized Communication

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Real-Time Alerts

We offer 24/7 support and help to our customers. Our team tries to resolve any client issue on time.

You can contact us to know additional or detailed information about our Cloud PBX Services. Also, you can visit our website to know about our solutions.